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Discover the ripple effects of a unique collaborative artistic process in four Ontario communities

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Between January 2013 and July 2016 The Ontario Shebang unfolded in four distinct regions of Southern Ontario – Kingston, Guelph, Niagara and Burlington.  Extraordinary artists and individuals from all backgrounds congregated and agreed to explore collaboration.  Together we practiced listening, observing, sharing, exchanging, moving, belonging, relating and converging in unfamiliar ways.  A unique community emerged from this process that demanded our presence, consciousness, courage and trust.

The Ontario Shebang was instigated by Dreamwalker Dance Company and is generously supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council – Ontario Dances program, City of St. Catharines, City of Guelph, City of Kingston and City of Burlington and by the artists and partner organizations who made it all possible.

discover what happened…

This is our new meeting place where interaction can continue, and news, images, ideas or upcoming events can be shared.  As you dive into the site you may start to see/hear/feel how The Shebang Process activates individuals to listen and respond to one another, how a single action can instantly inspire and propel a rippling response through an entire group, how simple intentional interactions can build lasting bonds and connections.

Find insights, reflections, ‘translations’ and experiences collecting in Articles and Artifacts.


The Shebang Process

More Shebang Videos

The Whole Shebang Guelph at the River Run Centre by Erin MacIndoe Sproule

The Burlington Shebang enters Through the Eyes of the Machine an interactive video installation by Andrew O’Connor

The Whole Shebang Kingston at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning by Tess Girard

What Moves Us
A translation collaboration for the Whole Shebang Kingston by Elysha Poirier with Alison Gowan and Irina Skvortsova

The Whole Shebang Niagara at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, St Catharines by Vickie Fagan

Here in St. Catharines (The Niagara Shebang) by Vickie Fagan with music by Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars

The Whole Shebang Burlington at Burlington Performing Arts Centre by Erin MacIndoe Sproule

Streaming for The Guelph Shebang by Erin MacIndoe Sproule

Shared words…

  • A collaborative learning process that has set the stage for our collective play…open to unlimited possibilities

    Terry J. Snider Kingston Shebang Resident Artist
  • Lets me be more myself again…how I can contribute in this Kingston community more clearly

    Kyoko Ogoda Japanese taiko drummer, marimba artist
  • Reconceptualiz[ing] our notions of art and performance

    Irina Skvortsova Visual artist (specializing in printmaking, painting, stop-motion animation and puppetry)
  • I appreciated her ability to stand back and raise new questions…distill my ideas

    Claire Tacon writer
  • A very democratic process…many incredible decisions made collectively

    Bry Webb singer-songwriter, producer, composer
  • I notice a newfound sense of depth in the way I work

    Meg O’Donnell dance artist
  • I was able to see the connections between spoken word, sounds, colours and movements

    Amadeo Ventura bandleader, keyboardist, percussionist
  • Vulnerable in our individuality, yet supported in our unified efforts

    Jenn Norton video, new media installation artist
  • Forced me out of my comfort zone.. a true collaboration

    Ishra Blanco dance artist, Artistic Director Invoketress Dance Theatre
  • A non-hierarchical, democratic and inclusive practice…building healthier organizations and communities”

    Alison Gowan musician, composer, facilitator and arts educator; Director of Kindermusik with Alison; Swamp Ward Orchestra Host City Artistic Translator (The Guelph Shebang)

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