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About The Guelph Shebang

Guelph Shebang artists are Ishra Blanco, Megan O’Donnell, Jenn E. Norton, Claire Tacon, Amadeo Ventura and Bry Webb.  Artistic and Community Translators are Janet Morton and Dorothy Fisher.  Contributing artists include Katie Ewald, Erin MacIndoe Sproule, Brendan Wyatt, Elysha Poirier, Andrea Nann, Janet Johnson and Invoketress.  River Run Centre is host partner, with generous support from Ed Video, Guelph Dance Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Hillside Festival, Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, Guelph Youth Dance Training Program and Guelph/Wellington Immigrant Services.  Thank you to our host collaborators Ella Pauls, Danna Evans and Dave Horner.  River Run Centre is owned and operated by the City of Guelph.

Guelph Shebang Artists

Guelph Shebang Contributing Artists & Translators

Guelph Shebang Hosts & Partners

Shared words from Guelph

  • I appreciated her ability to stand back and raise new questions…distill my ideas

    Claire Tacon writer
  • A very democratic process…many incredible decisions made collectively

    Bry Webb singer-songwriter, producer, composer
  • I notice a newfound sense of depth in the way I work

    Meg O’Donnell dance artist
  • I was able to see the connections between spoken word, sounds, colours and movements

    Amadeo Ventura bandleader, keyboardist, percussionist
  • Vulnerable in our individuality, yet supported in our unified efforts

    Jenn Norton video, new media installation artist
  • Forced me out of my comfort zone.. a true collaboration

    Ishra Blanco dance artist, Artistic Director Invoketress Dance Theatre

Meet the Artists from each of our Ontario Shebangs

Translation by Nadine Saxton

The Whole Shebang Guelph

I was in town to witness and translate the opening process connection session with the resident Guelph Shebang Artists, who are preparing for their production as part of Culture Days at the River Run Centre, which runs from 3pm-5pm this Saturday, September 26th.

What a warm welcome we received and what a beautiful space. I lugged armfuls of equipment into the Co-operators theatre – and was awed by the size of the room. Andrea laid out 10 mats in a circle in the middle of the large floor, in preparation for the arrival of the artists and others involved in the creation and production of the event.

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