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Kingston Shebang artists are Moyra Riley, Ebon Gage, Kyoko Ogoda, Irina Skvortsova, Terry Snider, Harry Symons, Alison Gowan, Chantal Thompson and Dorothy Young.  Participants included members of the tenant groups of the Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning, and members of Four Directions Drummers, Kings Don Taiko, Kingston School of Dance Youth Company and Birdbone Theatre. Guest contributors also included Kay Kenney, Aleksandra Bragoszewsk, Jane Kirby, Wendy Luella Perkins, Jan Le Clair, Kala Seraphin, Martee Tegmeyer and Brett Christopher. Special thanks to our host collaborators Brian McCurdy, Melissa Mahady Wilton, Annalee Adair, Colin Wiginton, Shannon Brown, Jenny Pedler, Kat Evans, Julie Fossitt and everyone at the Tett Centre and the City of Kingston Cultural Services Department.  The process culminated in a final presentation, a multi-room, multidisciplinary, performance-workshop-installation-audience-interaction experience shared with the public to celebrate the Tett Centre’s Grand Opening on January 31, 2015.

The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning is situated on the Lake Ontario waterfront and is one of the many impressive heritage sites in Kingston Ontario. The Centre offers opportunities for professional artists, students, and the broader Kingston community to experience creative activities designed to appeal to people of all ages and artistic abilities.  It is owned by City of Kingston and operated by the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning.

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Shared words from Kingston

  • A collaborative learning process that has set the stage for our collective play…open to unlimited possibilities

    Terry J. Snider Kingston Shebang Resident Artist
  • Lets me be more myself again…how I can contribute in this Kingston community more clearly

    Kyoko Ogoda Japanese taiko drummer, marimba artist
  • Reconceptualiz[ing] our notions of art and performance

    Irina Skvortsova Visual artist (specializing in printmaking, painting, stop-motion animation and puppetry)

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The Kingston Shebang Journal

Reflections by Nadine Saxton

If you will allow me – I am going to do a free association – I have pages of data – notation, interviews, reflections – that I will wade through -and it is good to just share my experience – see the ripples?

Kingston was a “wow!” It held a warm confident welcome feel. From the meeting of a friend from 31 years ago (how is that for a ripple?), to the time traveling experience of working with the weavers.  Participant Ebon Gage and I were at Ryerson together and never saw one another after graduation – life, work, paths taken- here they are crossing again. It was wonderful to dance and laugh and share with him again. For me, time fell away and I just said “hello old friend.”

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