(by: THUNDERCLAP! aka Adam Buller):

So dreams can come true, and here’s my little story. My song HELLBENT ON SUCCESS (on the album of the same name), was written about my love and studies of Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. . For the last 6-7 years I’ve been performing to large crowds @ Michael Moores TRAVERSE CITY FILM FESTIVAL (Michigan), although I took last year off, I was invited back to perform for 2016. A few days before leaving on this trip I received a mass email about how Anthony Robbins had these 2 surprise screenings that were to be the BIG highlight of this film festival. After a day of not thinking much about this, an idea hit me! Contact the festival administration, tell them of the significance of my album and the title track, and see if I could open for ANTHONY ROBBINS! I did just that, and low and behold, I was invited there to perform a set opening for 1 of Anthony Robbins screenings, they thought it was a great idea! WOW! Ok, so, while I’m half way across Michigan, the film fest admin calls me and lets me know they want me to open for screenings now, I’m pinching myself yet again.

When I rolled in to town I hit the local Rock station and reminded them of my last on-air appearance I did for them 2 years prior, they said c’mon in and we’ll see if we can get ya some air time. When I arrive (with them having no knowledge about my Anthony Robbins connection) I watched as Joe Berlinger (director of I AM NOT YOUR GURU) does an on-air interview, THEN Tony Robbins calls in to do a lengthy interview, THEN I’m asked to play on-air as the show ends, of coarse I play HELLBENT ON SUCCESS.

So later that same day I had the 2 opening slots at 2 different venues, Anthony Robbins was there to do Q&A’s with Michael Moore & the director at both screenings. Both 1000+ seaters were packed, the 1st performance although well received was manic and short, but the 2nd show had magic in the air and the audience was right with me the whole way AND unlike the 1st performance I was able to play the song that got me here in the 1st place- everyone really loved it. Many audience members approached me after the movie and expressed their fandom. After I finished that 2nd show, I quickly washed off my makeup and snuck to the back of the theatre to watch the movie which was great! Tony Robbins then did a 2 hour Q&A with a lot of banter between Mr.Moore and various audience members. As he finished shaking hands and taking photos with the crowd, I went back stage to get my guitar and I knew inevitably he’d be headed out to his convoy of SUV’s.

So I’m backstage, I hear Mr.Robbins in the next room slowly making his way towards where I was. Suddenly 3-4 CIA styled bodyguards enter backstage where I was waiting and start clearing the area. 1 of them got in my face and started berating me with interrogation style questioning. Instantly I began stuttering, I knew that by saying the wrong thing I would loose the chance to meet the man who’ve I’ve spent hundreds of hours absorbing his audio recordings and books. Although I explained to this stern chap that I had performed pre show entertainment to the crowd, he wasn’t impressed & began shooting rapid firing questions at me, not waiting for an answer & clearly growing more agitated. Around me others were being pushed out of sight by his ear piece wearing comrades, my stuttering elevated, then BAM! Anthony gushed through the door and headed straight for me with a giant smile and a hand shake. I was coherent and could talk at 1st, then once again, my ability to form sentences turned into nervousness. I gave Mr.Robbins my CD. I explained that I wrote the track HELLBENT ON SUCCESS primarily about his work and it’s affect it had on me. He exclaimed loudly ‘HELLBENT ON SUCCESS- WHAT A GREAT TITLE’! I was over the moon and was so grateful for the chance to give one of my influences something so dear to me. I undoubtedly had the air of emotion in my eyes and voice, I was taken aback, he knew it, and he once again exclaimed, ‘You need a hug, don’t you’?!. His large stature bent down and hugged me like the fragile being i was at that moment, like a dainty lady perhaps? He said, ‘do you want a picture’?, ‘awww sure’ I mumbled. I turned around to motion over my good friend Katie Webb waiting with her camera. She was hovering in (what was thought to be) a safe corner waiting for such an opportunity, but my only glimpse of her was being forcibly ushered out of the room by one of TONYs men.

‘Oh well’ I thought as Tony disappeared, ‘I didn’t need a dumb old picture’, and after all, I got him my CD and explained to him it’s relevance, thats the most exciting thing thats happened since the release of my album.

It turns out that Katie actually did snap one candid photo of the moment. Thanks Katie. I just hope that he had a chance to listen to it, heck maybe he’ll drop me a line sometime and tell me what he thinks about it, anythings possible, right? Until then, keep dreaming my friends. . .