2016: It Went Classical. It Went Experimental. It Went French. It Went Subatomic. It Went Global. It Went Down. Let’s break that all down for you one last time in 2016….

AIR was our French marvel that is still surprising us. It opened in January at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, but the ideas and additions for the piece kept multiplying as it toured to St. Catherine’s and upstate New York. Prologue for the Arts selected it, enabling a tour to schools throughout the GTA. But our highlight was a Fall workshop where the piece was renamed ‘Searching for Marceau’ and all at once the show made new sense.


THE SECOND LIFE got out and on the road this year, taking us out to Stratford’s Springworks festival and St.Catherine’s In the Soil festival. Its exploration of digital, Subatomic, and spiritual worlds has broke new ground for us – and we’re in talks about bringing it on back again. This show has been good to us, but I don’t think it’s done.

Our (now) annual ‘Shakespeare at the Rock’ had its inaugural production with ‘A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM’ – easiest the most ambitious project of TBT history. A team of 12 + one Classical Bard cooked up the show that over 2000 audience members enjoyed at the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens’ new Rock Garden. It’s a thrilling new part of our formula – bringing in numbers that we’ve never had before to make live theatre converts in our region. Next year’s production is already lined up as longer and bigger in this new TBT tradition.

These images belong to THE JOURNEY TO THE EAST and RECEIVER OF WRECK, our Experimental workshops pieces in development over the year. We spent 6 weeks in studio on these beautiful creatures, and I wish nothing more than to unleash them on you all. In time, my pretties, in time: Receiver of Wreck opens in February at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

What a surprise this was. Spinning out of our flagship original show ‘First Dance’ was this little TED Talk in 2015 in Montreal – great fun, 7000 views. We had no way of knowing that this would be picked up by TED.com – which happens to 1 in 200 talks – and pushed out Globally, with 430,000 views so far. We have/will be performing this talk in Ontario and several US states, and a remount of ‘First Dance’ is definitely in the air….

Thank you for such a great year. Just waking up and getting to do this

work is like winning the lottery everyday. Not because it is fun; quite the opposite: because it’s deadly serious work and we have the privilege to get to it. And also because it’s fun. Click Here for a look at our Retrospective Video.

See you in 2017.