Aaron is a musician and sound artist from Hamilton, Ontario. They currently make music as Hut the Believer, Ginny Beasley, with Eschaton, Haolin Munk, the Cybernetic Orchestra, the Rebel Funktion and the Snow Beach Players. They have previously played with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band, the Redeemer Sinfonia and the Canadian Croatian Choral Society.

These ensembles have facilitated my performing in Karlsruhe (Germany), New Orleans, New York City, Buffalo, Montreal (POP Montreal festival), Ottawa, Kingston, Guelph, Peterborough and Hamilton (Something Else and Supercrawl festivals). I won the 2012 Hamilton Arts Award for emerging artist in New Media, and am a founding member of the Hamilton Audio Visual Node (HAVN).

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