C.D. Onofrio is an award winning singer/songwriter and published poet based out of wonderful Niagara Falls, Ontario.  He writes in a broad range of styles but is most aptly characterized as a Folk artist. Music has taken C.D. on a zig zag of voyages across turtle island (North America). These adventures have inspired the content of C.D.’s upcoming release, which explores the intersection between psychology, mythology, landscapes, and travel. Using landscape both as a metaphor for the way that we see the world and, as literally the environment that surrounds us,  Onofrio paints lyrical and musical pictures with his songs. The album is being released as a series of postcards, delivered through snail-mail. Onofrio’s most recent album Love in the Wasteland was his first full-length solo effort. It came after multiple solo E.P.s and releases with bands and other artists. The album ranges through a spectrum of sonic arrays, “at moments, the collection is brilliant in its folk simplicity while at others, it is grandiose with full musical arrangements” (Niagara Life Magazine). Onofrio was awarded folk artist of the year at the Niagara Music Awards (2012) and received the Allister Young Endowment Award for artist of the Year from the City of Niagara Falls (2015).  Two volumes of his poetry, Visions of A Rainbow Bridge and Vignette, have been published by Greyborders Publishing.
Since first picking up a guitar, writing songs has come naturally to C.D. He has accumulated a beautiful and diverse catalogue of songs over this time.  His aim is to be granted permanent residency into the tower of songs, the long and sacred tradition of people putting words to music and turning the human experience inside-out.
Light carves shadows on the stones
as my song becomes my own
patterns played upon these strings
turn to notes the singer sings
– “Infinity Plays with the Sands of Time”
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