Dan Murray is a spoken word artist and musician hailing from Burlington, Ontario. Since his introduction to spoken word in 2010, he has competed on 3 national and international teams – endeavours that earned 1st place finishes in SLAMtario 2012 and the 2013 QEW Slam, as well as 5th place finishes at CFSW in 2011 and 2013. In 2015, he placed 1st at Dwayne Morgan’s Soul Slam – a singer/songwriter oriented slam competition – a victory many attribute to his lyricism and storytelling ability.

As a poet, Dan engages in an ongoing quest to connect author to audience in the realm of shared experience, under the belief that people, as social beings, unnecessarily condemn themselves to solitude in response to the darker areas of their hearts. With this often being an underlying theme, he also strives for excellence in the realm of imagery – trying to find the critical point where the increasingly complex image and the discerning ear of the audience meet.

As a musician, Dan demonstrates a soulful baritone voice and nearly 2 decades of guitar experience, his songwriting is a blend of said experience with his years writing poetry. Aside from his solo work, which is a resonant spin on pop-folk/folk-punk, he is also a member The Great Lakes Privateers – a celtic folk-rock quintet boasting high energy and huge harmonies.

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