Interdisciplinarity has been at the core of Elizabeth Chitty’s artistic practice for 40 years. Site, corporeality, temporality and attention to process thread through her body of work, which expands on ideas, emotions and sensations of what it means to be in a body, a place, with others.

Her performances may reflect contemporary dance or performance art lineages and respond to concert settings or social practice; her literacy spans the gallery, stage, and public realm. Her installations and performances are usually video-based including sound. She has created public artists’ gardens, constructed photographs and has worked with community-based strategies. You are unlikely to find her work in any canon. For most of her life, she has lived in the Niagara region, Ontario, outside of any academic affiliation, shifting amongst disparate subjects informed by life lived and the local, and the conceptual base formed early in her career in Toronto and Vancouver.

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