Heryka Miranda is a dance artist, researcher and community cross cultural educator who uses Indigenous land dance methods and expressive arts therapeutic approaches in her work with vulnerable communities. Her graduate research study at Brock University in the Niagara Region explored the experiences of Mexican and Guatemalan migrant farm workers’ participation in experiential ‘dance for relaxation’ community art sessions. The aim of her study was to provide relief and comfort to feelings of isolation and homesickness – often experienced by the precariousness of migrant farm workers’ employment. Her work using land dance practices with one migrant farm worker is featured in ‘The Sunflower Man’ a short documentary by Toronto-based, Colombian filmmaker Monica Gutierrez. Currently, Heryka is the Community Action Coordinator at Neighbour-2-Neighbour, Hamilton Community Food Centre. She also provides sessional instruction in the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University. Courses she has taught are the Arts in and Across the Curriculum (dance and drama) to second-year Ontario teacher candidates and Dance as Cultural Reflection to undergraduates seeking to become physical education professionals.

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