Reinhart’s performance history has had him engage with some of Canada`s leading dance creators including Andrea Nann (dreamwalker/the whole Shebang), DA Hoskins (the dietrich group) as part of the Dora Award winning ensemble of This is a Costume Drama, and with Peggy Baker for her residency with the city of Kingston in August 2015 and 2016. He has achieved residencies at Videofag (Toronto), Wintergreen Studios (Kingston), City of Kingston Public Art Project (Kingston), and the Thames Art Gallery (Chatham), along with temporary stays as the artist in residence as a number of high schools in Ontario. As a visual artist, he seeks to interrupt and intervene, finding colour and rhythm where it is perhaps not expected. His vibrantly coloured yarn and duct tape installation and sculpture work has been exhibited both in Canada and the United States, specifically as part of the Rhubarb Festival (Toronto), the Toronto Circus Festival (Toronto), CanZine (Toronto and Vancouver), Gratefulfest (Cleveland), and the World of Threads Festival (Oakville). He has sat on panels concerning queer archiving for the public library system and has served as a guest speaker and curator on the subject of gender and sexuality to high schools and community organizations across Ontario. As a former competitive gymnast, Reinhart continues to seek out movement philosophies, training with Shari Dehoey, Margot Mckinnon, Danielle Baskerville, DA Hoskins, David Robson, and Keith Borden, and Peggy Baker. He is a graduate of the faculty of interdiscplinary studies from the University of Western Ontario, with concentrations in queer theory, film theory, cultural theory, creative writing, and visual arts. Reinhart also obtained his Artist in the Community education degree from the Queen`s University, and is a high school arts and English teacher. He can commonly be found winding yarn around trees, activating public spaces with temporary duct tape graffiti, and chasing creative, immediate, and uncompromising intersections with artists and thinkers of all kinds.

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