Eve Schifman

Eve Schifman has a lifelong love of dance and design and is excited to be a part of Dreamwalker Dance and the Ontario Shebang. After a career as a digital marketing project manager, she is [...]

Lisa Hakvoort

Lisa Hakvoort is a graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario with a passion for branding and editorial design. Prior to attending Humber College for graphic design, she studied fine arts at the [...]

Camille Rojas

Camille Rojas (b. 1993 Toronto; lives and works in Toronto) is a multidisciplinary artist working with film, photography and dance. Shifting her position between camera operator and subject, she [...]

Janet Johnson

After graduating from York University’s Dance Programme, Janet Johnson spent six years in Toronto. While there she co-founded the eclectic company, Pedestrian Waltz Dance Project whose work was [...]

Natasha Finlay

Natasha Finlay is a dance notator and pre-show speaker for The National Ballet of Canada. Formerly the notator and rehearsal manager for Compagnie Marie Chouinard, Natasha has documented works [...]

Nadine Saxton

Nadine holds an MA in Dance from York University, where she was faculty for over ten years. She notated Anna Blewchamp’s reconstruction of “The Wise Virgins” and is co-author of the book “Toronto [...]

Janet Morton

 Janet Morton has exhibited extensively throughout Canada and abroad. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her work, that playfully and critically examines our relationship to the [...]

Jessa Agilo

Based in Toronto (Canada), agilo arts was founded in 2006 by interdisciplinary arts consultant and producer jessa agilo. Supporting small and mid-sized companies, established and emerging [...]

Elysha Poirier

Elysha Poirier is a visual artist and designer working in various forms of performance, theatre and installation. Her methods in painting and design have been adapted to video for live [...]

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